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    Understanding and acquiring Brazilian consumers

    Understanding Brazilian consumer behavior isnĀ“t a simple task, but with an experienced consultant and the right research mix you can begin to get a detailed understanding Brazilian consumers and their motivations.

    If you really want to understand Brazilian consumers and what drives their actions, you need to know their plans and

    Consulting Services in the area of Brazilian Consumer Behavior

    The digital transformation in business is giving birth to global
    companies acting in all continents.
    Only with customized assistance, valuable information regarding the Brazilian consumer preferences, the plans and decisions will depart from the corporate parent companies already suitably fit to the Brazilian consumer preferences and usual Brazilian market practices.

    Advice for contracting market research in Brazil

    Preparation of the scope of the market research to be contracted in Brazil, and assistance during the hiring process, in order to ensure that the information needed is supplied, and to assess if the price charged to the foreign corporations (by Brazilian corporations) are commonly practiced in Brazil.

    Intensive Training (seminars)

    Understand how Brazilians think, what they value, how they choose their products and trademarks, the importance of prices, and promotional actions that work.

    Marketing Plan

    Review of the present marketing plan, specifically focusing on strategic and tactical levels, to increase the effectiveness of the actions proposed by the enterprises already acting (or planning to act) in the Brazilian Market.

    Comunication Plan

    Review of the present communication plan of the enterprises that already act in the Brazilian market to increase the grip of the publicity appeal to show how to communicate with Brazilians through social media.